Childhood Vaccinations (and a tangent about trans fat)

Currently, my personal concern is not a potential autism/mercury(thimerisol) link. I have spent hours, days, and weeks over the last several months reading every study I could find. I am not convinced one way or the other on this issue but there does seem to be a genetic disposition regardless of what camp you want to argue for or against. Much of what I have studied shows that many disorders, illnesses, and diseases occur when a gene is switched on or off. This topic alone is fascinating! And over my ability to discuss intelligibly at this time. There are tons of resources and documentaries (on post 9/11 affects of babies who were in utero at the time and the effects of the stressors the mother experienced at the time both emotionally and environmentally; similar conditions are seen in the children born during the depression). Google and research ‘switching genes on and off.’ The key to prevention and understanding of so many diseases lies here.

What I am concerned about is overloading tiny babies with so many toxins at one time. Their kidneys and liver cannot excrete heavy metals the way ours can as adults. Their little immune systems are not yet developed. And while that is part of the reason TO vaccinate, which I do not disagree with, 6 diseases in one shot? Some of them live viruses? More than one at a time? And what about all of the preservatives and toxins within each vaccine (formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, MSG, aspartame, ammoninum,…and what about the animal and human fetus cells? I thought that was a myth and for shock value by anti Vac groups, but the manufacturer’s own sites list these!)

Despite the claims you will find at your doctor’s office, (I cannot count how many times I have gotten the lecture or comment, ‘well you do know, vaccines do not cause autism?,’ I heard it again last week; that may very well be true but that is not the reason I am choosing to space out vaccinations or avoiding certain ones all together at this time)Vaccines do still contain thimerisol, trace amounts which the FDA regulates as <.03 to claim ‘no thimerisol.’ I repeat, if a vaccine contains <.03, physicians and documents can claim they are mercury/thimersol free. However, I can add, and if you get a combo shot such as DTaP or MMR, or worse Pediatrix (DTaP, plus Hep B,plus Polio, iPV) or ProQuad (MMR plus chicken pox) you are getting .09ml. to 1.5ml of more. That is not a trace amount.

I liken this to the FDA’s regulations on trans fat. A product can claim it has ‘no trans fat’ if it is less than .5 grams. But if you eat 3 servings of said product you are getting 1.5 grams of trans fat. The acceptable amount of trans fat in out diet? 0 grams.
Look for these ingredients:
hydrogentated oil, partailly hydrogenated oils.
These ARE trans fats.
How a product can have this listed as it’s second ingredient and claim it does not have trans fatty acids, I do not understand.

Look at the ingredients in what you eat, especially anything packaged or processed. Any peanut butter that is not organic is likely to be made with partially hydrogenated oils.
Throw them all away! No, I am not over stating this. Do your own research and see for yourself what these do to your organs, and arteries,  your heart in particular.

I digress, back to vaccines:
Here is a table for how much thimerisol is in each child vaccine currently on the market today:

Here is one list of all ingredients in all vaccinations currently available

and this link breaks down each ingredient individually and explains what it does.

Aluminum is just as frighening as mercury. And it is in most childhood vaccines. Is it currently regulated? Research that!

I am not saying do not vaccinate. I want to make a case for spacing the vaccines out as to not overload our babies bodies. Allow their organs to do their job and excrete the poisons we are putting into them and allow the immune system to build up the immunity to the deadly diseases we are trying to protect them against.

Will your baby ‘get stuck’ more often? Yes. That is the only down side I see to this choice.
My son, 21 months, has yet to cry for more than two of his shots and both of those incidents were for less than 10 seconds. He had a reaction to the DTaP but because that was the only vaccine I had that day, (though it was admittedly a 3 in 1) we were able to determine exactly what caused it, possibly why, and what not to give him again.

Your child could be allergic to eggs and have an allergic reaction. MSG is also a relatively common allergy. An allergy to latex (rubber on the caps) or neomycin; there are many possibilities and you risk putting your child at risk again when you repeat the vaccine if you don’t know which component is causing a reaction.

One more tidbit I discovered in my research this week: there have been studies that show a correlation between reactions (often neurological reactions)to the MMR vaccine and taking tylenol immediately before or after. At first I thought, that is stupid! The doctors tell every parent to give their child tylenol. How else do you counteract a high fever, inflamation, and pain? How can anyone come up with statistical evidence that there is a link? But them I read on- MMR is not given until at least 12 months. At 6 months you can give ibuprofen (Motrin) instead of Tylenol. So there is one answer- when your child gets the MMR, give him/her Motrin and not Tylenol.

If you’re like me you want to know the ‘why.’ The reason is that acetaminophen depletes levels of glutathione- an antioxidant in our bodies that fights disease. Other ways to deplete glutathione in your babies body? any illness,  eating the standard american diet,  stress from being in daycare), maybe someone in the family smokes and the child is exposed to second hand smoke. Many children have a combination of these if not all of these at the time of immunization. I say play it safe and give your baby Motrin.

Asking for single doses of each particular vaccine will lessen the likelihood of having thimerisol or other toxic chemicals being injected into your baby. The reason it is used is as a preservative and antibacterial and anti fungal agent. A needle is repeatedly stuck in the same vile to draw out the vaccine, potentially introducing bacteria into the vile each time. If you get a single dose, it is a one time use, rather than say, ten, and an agent such as formaldehyde or thimerisol or MSG is not needed.

This is from the FDA’s own site, “Preservatives are compounds that kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi. They are used in vaccines to prevent bacterial or fungal growth in the event that the vaccine is accidentally contaminated, as might occur with repeated puncture of multi-dose vials. Vaccines, both in the United States and throughout other parts of the world, are commonly packaged in multi-dose vials” Here is the link to the entire page. Worth reading.

and one more

I have bookmarked over 20 other sites. I may not have presented the best ones here. I just tried to throw this together for all of my friends that have been asking why I am making the choices that I am.

Please feel free to share thoughts and input and further research.
I want to be as well informed as possible and make the safest and best choices for my children.

Blessings and good health to each of you

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3 Responses to Childhood Vaccinations (and a tangent about trans fat)

  1. Melisa says:

    Thank you for the information!! I personally do not agree with the amount of vaccinations a child must have before entering school and at such a young age with all of the toxins that are in them (as you listed). I have always felt this way – autism link, or not..that’s not my issue behind it. And I don’t think it’s fair that my child cannot go to school if I choose to not give him/her certain vaccinations. Some of the vaccinations, yes I agree with but certainly not all of them.
    Great post!

    • cassieholley says:

      I have recently learned here in North Carolina that you can present the school with a religious exemption notice signed by your pastoral staff.
      The state (school) is not allowed to ask what your religion is. So even if your particular religion or demonimation does not techinically take this stand, you can still get a waiver this way.
      I do not know but I imagine this varies state to state but it is something worth looking into.

  2. Jennifer Falk says:

    Cassie. I want more links. Particularly because of the small comment that Bill Gates made in a speech this year (on 0 carbon energy) about vaccines(and other things) helping to reduce the population by 15%. Kind of something I want to research now, and I’d love to have all 20 of your bookmarks to get me started, if you are willing. You can msg. me on FB or whatever…

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