A little about me

Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend.  Artist, musician, composer, performer. Yoga teacher and student, fitness nut, organic obsessed. Lover of dark chocolate, coffee, cherry coke zero and thai food. Sweet potato fries and a veggie burger, Tex-Mex, jalapeno pineapple pizza, all things stir fried.

Water, palm trees, cold drinks, sun. Cozy blankets, good books, incense, tea. High heels, barefoot, boots. Soft cotton T’s and jeans or cocktail dress. Red head, green eyes, 5’10”.  List maker, file organizer, but still a pile to be sorted maker.

NASM, FitTour, AFFA certified taught Pilates, yoga, kickbox and bootcamp at resorts in Jamaica for four years- some of my favorite memories are there: dirty banana/mud slides, naps in hammocks, great friends I still have today. Tree frogs singing, the smell of the air, white sand between my toes, learning to sail and windsurf. Surviving a hurricane, surviving melanoma (stage 1, no biggie) wear sunscreen!, surviving marriage.  

With help from some amazing people, I made an eponymously titled record: CASS. Check it out at www.lovecass.com (as well as iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon mp3, napster, last fm, emusic, myspace.com/cassiejazztrio, maybe up on Pandora now too)

UT alumni. (BA in Music) Longhorn fan. Current Liberty grad student. (MA Worship Studies) Bowie High school grad.  Love that I am still connected to so many classmates (primarily because of Facebook.)

Seeking to understand Truth. Seeking true beauty. Trying to live a lifestyle of wellness and be a light to those around me.


2 Responses to A little about me

  1. I absolutely adore your beautiful blog… It makes me slightly remorseful that my own blog is so egocentric. But I did blog about you today!

    • cassieholley says:

      I think blogs are most successful when they are about a specific niche that you are passionate about. Obviously one is going to be talking about themselves and their experiences. I wouldn’t call that egocentric.

      We are all going to learn from you and laugh with you as you share your journey.

      I for one am excited about the stories and the recipes you will soon share.
      So proud to call you my friend and look forward to cheering you on.

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